Sowell's book is brilliant and loaded with data supporting his thesis -- that many factors combine to bring a particular outcome and that disparities in outcomes do not mean discrimination. Unfortunately, the data and rigor are not in vogue among scholars committed to advancing CSJ. They continue peddling CSJ narratives despite the facts.

Here is a recent study you may find interesting:


In a massive and meticulously executed study, the authors show that there is no evidence for biases against women in academia in the past 10-20 years. Yet the Woke ignore it, and continue the bias story.

In our recent paper


we analyzed a specific example of a paper that is widely cited as evidence for gender bias in chemistry publishing. Spoiler alert: it is garbage. But the learned societies use this paper to justify DEI policies.

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Oct 22, 2023·edited Oct 22, 2023

"Having now read the book, I can assert confidently that it is not racist at all, no matter that it accepts that there are racial-group-average differences in IQ scores, with Americans of East-Asian heritage significantly outscoring white Americans, and Ashkenazi Jews outscoring all other groups." Any such acceptance of IQ differences is considered racism per se by our overlords. I recall reading the book in the 90s and finding the IQ stuff old hat. What I did find surprising was their defense of the American educational system. Basically, their argument was that, if one compares the educational attainments of American ethnic groups with their foreign counterparts, the Americans are comparable. It is the large increase in the number of people from low IQ ethnicities that has dragged down the system (I live in California, so their argument seemed plausible). California has gone from having one of the best public educational systems in America to having one of the worst.

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