Many people believe that Science is the Religion of the twentieth century. The authority of its clergy (scientists) is beyond question or challenge and that its rules and findings can indisputably explain the past and predict the future of Human existence and of our individual behaviors.

Science (and scientists) is molded by society’s dominant social and economic forces in Society determine to a large extent what scientists do and how they do it. Science and Society exist symbiotically.

Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. (Einstein).

Notion without intuition is empty, intuition without notion is blind. (Kant).

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The world looks entirely different when you realize that the official stance on any issue (the party line, as it were), is dictated by commercial and ideological interests, not facts. Science is no exception. The entire information edifice is intended to shore up the liberal welfare-warfare administrative state that is crumbling all around us. It was done in by greed and war. Outsourcing the industrial production to access cheap labor did in the economic base of the country and the enormous expenditures wasted on the warfare state has further pauperized the country (as well as making us an international pariah). The whole Covid disaster started as a biological warfare project gone wrong and quickly morphed into a vast seizure of power by the administrative state/Pharma alliance complete with extensive censoring of unapproved (though expert) scientific opinion.

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